Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.4 Final Version (UPDATED!)

What is Microsoft Deployment Toolkit ?

Microsoft Toolkit is a free, reliable and powerful multipurpose set of applications and functions for deploying, handling licenses, uninstall Microsoft Office of every products completely as well as activating Windows and Microsoft Office with just one click.Microsoft-Toolkit (1)

Ms Toolkit assists in creating a setup of wizards that can be utilized for installing windows on several networks of computers and servers. It supports all office and Windows product and edition activation respectively such as window server 2012, window server 2003, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 as well as Ms Office 2010 including the most recent 2013 version. It automatically identifies original versions of Microsoft products and skips them from further activation. Therefore you do not have to worry about losing your authentic Windows license. Microsoft windows & office toolkit is loaded with outstanding features which activate all Microsoft products.


All the functions are running in the background and the GUI is disabled to protect against running several functions, because they could conflict or result in damage they should be run all at once. And every output from these functions is shown in the Information Unit.
Microsoft toolkit features dual activation methods which are the EZ activator and the Auto KMS. Prior to the activation process, you have to first choose the Microsoft toolkit activator method you need. The Auto KMS enables the Windows Event Log Service should it is disabled. The creators of KMS are the leading server based activation worldwide. The EZ activator module on the other hand was produced by DAZ team. The Microsoft KMS toolkit works along with the EZ activator for service process. And the entire outcomes from these functions are confirmed within the Data Assistance. Therefore, you can get a concept about how awesome this toolkit is. Microsoft Toolkit is straightforward to use as a result of its easy interface which can be used by any individual.

How to use MS Toolkit

IMPORTANT- You must turn off your virus guard until the installation process finishes. Because these type of free tools are being blocked by virus guards lately.

1. Download Microsoft KMS toolkit from the link
2. Select the product type (Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows)
3. Go under the Product Keys.
4. Select the product.
5. Select the edition.
6. Click “Install”.
7. Go under ACTIVATION and click ACTIVATE. Then wait until it is completed
8. Enjoy your software.


The Microsoft toolkit 2.5.4 is the latest version and does not require any internet access (supports offline module system) to complete the activation. However, earlier 2 .4 versions like 2 .4 .1, 2 .4 .2 and 2 .4 .3 do require access to the internet in order to complete the activation process. Perhaps you need offline activation, you can download Ms toolkits 2 .5 .1 or 2 .5 .2 version. Ms toolkit 2 .5 beta 5 is yet another version to consider.
Microsoft toolkit is 100% clean and virus free.


Microsoft windows & office toolkit offers lifetime authentic activation and you can utilize your MS office or Windows 2 -3 years without confronting errors.